Monday, March 31, 2014

Cakes and Snacks

In the little guys Kindergarten class, the parents take turns bringing healthy snacks.  It is really fun because there is only 13 kids in his class.  So I decided to stroll the internet of fun snack ideas.  Here are some that I found and recreated.  I have to change a bunch of them because most use peanut butter as glue.  So I have to rethink or use toothpicks.
P.S.- The kids LOVE when it is O's snack day!!!
carrot and graham cracker airplanes with grape wheels
Snack cones with grapes, cutie oranges and graham cracker sticks
Apple cars with grape wheels
These are my favorite to date.  String cheese scooters, with pretzel handle bars, carrot and tomato wheels

 I have had a few cake jobs in March.  The 1st was for one of Em's friends.  She loves to sing and plays piano so I came up with this cake for her.
Here is a close up of the microphone I made.
 O's teacher had a birthday so I made her this apple cake. She is a snowboarder so I made a little snowboard, a motorcycle helmet, her boys play baseball and then little school papers.
Then this weekend I had the biggest cake job yet.  It was a castle cake for 60 people.  It took 4 days but I learned a lot and even though I totally stressed out on it, I think it turned out pretty good.

I made a mold of a king and queen, then used fondant pressed into the mold to make them edible.  I hand painted them with food coloring.
The dragon is hand made out of green modeling chocolate.

100% edible. 


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